Will a robot take your job?

1Telephone salesperson99.0%
2Typist or related keyboard worker98.5%
3Legal secretary97.6%
4Financial accounts manager97.6%
5Routine inspector and tester97.6%
5Weigher, grader or sorter97.6%
7Sales administrator97.2%
8Book-keeper, payroll manager or wages clerk97.0%
8Finance officer97.0%
10Pensions and insurance clerk97.0%
11Bank or post office clerk96.8%
11Financial administrative worker (other)96.8%
13Local government administrative worker96.8%
13Non-governmental organisation (NGO) officer96.8%
15Library clerk96.7%
16Assembler and routine operative (other)96.7%
17Paper and wood machine operative96.5%
18Communication operator96.5%
20Textile process operative96.1%
21Financial and accounting technician95.9%
23Transport and distribution clerk95.5%
24Estimator, valuer or assessor95.5%
25Fishing or agricultural manual worker 95.4%
26Chartered and certified accountant95.3%
26Taxation expert95.3%
28Skilled trader (other)95.2%
29Sales and retail assistant95.1%
29Vehicle and parts salesperson and adviser95.1%
31Print finishing and binding worker95.1%
32Debt, rent and other cash collector94.7%
33Inspector of standards and regulations94.5%
33Public services associate professional94.5%
35Cleaning and housekeeping manager and supervisor94.4%
37Collector salesperson or credit agent94.4%
37Market and street trader94.4%
37Retail and sales worker (other)94.4%
37Roundsperson or van salesperson94.4%
41Market research interviewer94.2%
42Pharmacy and other dispensing assistant94.0%
43Smith and forge worker93.5%
44Other administrative worker92.4%
45Assembler (electrical and electronic products)92.4%
46Plant and machine operative (other)92.1%
47Pharmaceutical technician91.7%
48Furniture maker or other craft woodworker91.6%
49Customer service worker (other)91.0%
50Plastics process operative90.7%
51Retail cashier and check-out operator90.2%
52Waiter or waitress89.9%
53Roofer, roof tiler and slater89.7%
54Human resources administrative worker89.7%
55Security guard89.3%
56Mobile machine driver and operative (other)89.3%
57Sewing machinist89.2%
58Baker and flour confectioner88.8%
59Clerical and administrative worker (other)88.7%
60Rail construction and maintenance operative88.3%
60Road construction operative88.3%
62Metal making and treating process operative88.2%
64Process operative (other)88.0%
65Metal machining setter and setter-operator87.2%
65Metal working machine operative87.2%
67Farm worker86.5%
68Postal worker, mail sorter, messenger or courier85.8%
69Stock control clerk85.5%
70Health care practice manager85.1%
70Medical secretary85.1%
72Kitchen and catering assistant85.1%
73Chemical and related process operative84.7%
74Fishmonger or poultry dresser84.6%
76Tailor and dressmaker84.0%
77Printing machine assistant83.1%
79Electrical or electronic technician82.7%
80Textiles, garments and related worker (other)82.5%
81Rubber process operative82.3%
82Floorer or wall tiler82.0%
83Bricklayer and mason82.0%
84Elementary services worker (other)81.8%
85Food, drink and tobacco process operative81.7%
86Launderer, dry cleaner or presser81.5%
87Glass and ceramics process operative81.4%
88Industrial cleaning process worker81.3%
88Process plant worker (other)81.3%
90Painter and/or decorator80.9%
91Moulder, core maker or die caster80.9%
92Forestry worker80.5%
93Assembler (vehicles and metal goods)80.4%
94Vehicle paint technicians80.2%
95Construction worker80.0%
96Agricultural machinery driver79.4%
97Agriculture or fishing professional79.2%
98Leisure and theme park attendant79.0%
98Parking or civil enforcement worker79.0%
98School midday and crossing patrol worker79.0%
98Security worker (other)79.0%
102Sheet metal worker77.8%
103IT operations technician77.8%
104Welding trader77.7%
105Tool maker and tool fitter77.2%
106Bar worker76.8%
107Business and related associate professional (other)76.6%
109Call and contact centre worker75.4%
111Pest control officer73.4%
113Quarry worker and related operative73.1%
114Glazier, window fabricator or fitter72.8%
115Carpenter and joiner72.4%
116Marine and waterways transport operative72.2%
117Construction operative (other)71.3%
118Dispensing optician71.1%
119Metal plate worker or riveter71.0%
119Steel erector71.0%
121Laboratory technician69.8%
122Coal mine operative69.6%
123Records clerk69.6%
124Estate agent or auctioneer68.1%
125Personal assistant or other secretary68.1%
125School secretary68.1%
127Train and tram driver67.8%
128Vehicle body builders and repairers67.6%
129Energy plant operative67.0%
130Groundsman or greenkeeper66.9%
130Horticultural professional66.9%
133Street cleaner66.3%
133Window cleaner66.3%
136Insurance underwriter66.1%
137Legal associate professional66.0%
138Crane driver65.2%
139Tyre, exhaust and windscreen fitter64.6%
139Vehicle technician, mechanic or electrician64.6%
141Buyer and procurement officer64.3%
142Shelf filler64.0%
143Chartered surveyor62.8%
144Boat and ship builders and repairers62.3%
144Metal working production and maintenance fitter62.3%
144Rail and rolling stock builders and repairers62.3%
147Bus and coach driver61.2%
148Dental nurse60.0%
149Water and sewerage plant operative59.8%
150Manager or director in storage and warehousing59.1%
150Manager or director in transport and distribution59.1%
150Purchasing manager or director59.1%
153IT engineers58.3%
154Care escort57.7%
154Houseparent and residential warden57.7%
156Cleaner (non-domestic other)57.3%
156Cleaner or domestic helper57.3%
156Hospital porter57.3%
159Taxi and cab driver or chauffeur56.8%
159Van driver56.8%
161Pre-press technician56.6%
162Architectural or town planning technician56.5%
162Building and civil engineering technician56.5%
164Rail transport operative56.0%
165Precision instrument maker and repairer55.9%
166Educational support assistant55.7%
166Nursery nurse or assistant55.7%
166Teaching assistant55.7%
169Scaffolder, stager or rigger54.5%
170Sports and leisure assistant53.3%
171Health and safety officer53.0%
172Footwear or leather worker 52.2%
172Weaver and knitter52.2%
176Air transport operative51.3%
176Driver and transport operative (other)51.3%
176Storage worker51.3%
179Merchandiser and window dresser51.3%
179Sales related worker (other)51.3%
181Credit controller51.2%
183Photographer or audio-visual and broadcasting equipment operator50.3%
184Pipe fitter48.7%
184Plumber, heating or ventilating engineer48.7%
186Fork-lift truck driver48.2%
187Refuse and salvage worker48.2%
188Engineering technician47.7%
189Electrical and electronic trades (other)47.2%
189TV, video and audio engineers47.2%
191Glass and ceramics maker, decorator or finisher46.8%
192Nursing auxiliary and assistant46.8%
193Animal care services worker (other)46.4%
194Protective service associate professional (other)46.4%
195Undertaker, mortuary and crematorium assistant45.4%
196Veterinary nurse44.6%
197Conservation and environmental associate professional41.5%
198Large goods vehicle driver40.8%
199Finance and investment analyst and adviser40.7%
200Care worker and home carer39.9%
200Senior care worker39.9%
202Business sales executive39.3%
203Rail travel assistant39.1%
204National government administrative worker38.8%
206Archivist or curator38.3%
207Packer, bottler, canner or filler37.9%
208Air travel assistant37.8%
209Sports coach, instructor or official37.7%
210Actor, entertainer or presenter37.4%
212Vehicle valeter and/or cleaner36.8%
214Planning, process and production technician36.1%
215Importer and/or exporter35.9%
216Aircraft maintenance and related trades35.4%
217Leisure and travel service worker (other)34.6%
218Quality assurance technician34.3%
218Science, engineering and production technician (other)34.3%
220Author, writer or translator32.7%
221Hairdresser or barber32.7%
222Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineer32.6%
223Advertising accounts manager or creative director32.6%
223Marketing associate professional32.6%
225Human resource manager or director32.2%
226Prison service officer (below principal officer)31.1%
227Sports player28.3%
228Sales supervisor27.9%
229Medical and dental technician27.5%
229Medical radiographer27.5%
231Travel agent26.3%
232Aircraft pilot or flight engineer25.2%
233Functional manager or director25.2%
233Garage manager or owner25.2%
233Hairdressing and beauty salon manager25.2%
233Manager or owner in other services25.2%
233Production manager or director in mining and energy25.2%
233Property, housing and estate manager25.2%
233Senior officer in fire, ambulance, prison or related services25.2%
233Travel agency manager25.2%
233Waste disposal and environmental services manager25.2%
242Careers adviser and vocational guidance specialist23.8%
242Human resources and industrial relations officer23.8%
244Business and related research professional23.2%
244Business, research and administrative professional (other)23.2%
246Police community support officer22.4%
246Police officer (sergeant and below)22.4%
248IT and telecoms professionals (other)21.6%
248IT project and programme manager21.6%
248IT specialist manager21.6%
248IT user support technician21.6%
252Web design and development professional20.6%
253Physical scientist19.6%
254Public relations professional17.5%
255Construction and building trades supervisor17.3%
256Leisure and sports manager17.2%
257Senior police officer17.0%
258Sales accounts and business development manager16.5%
259Manager or director in retail and wholesale15.9%
259Shopkeeper or store owner in wholesale and retail15.9%
261Electricians and electrical fitters14.8%
262Ship or hovercraft officer14.8%
263Actuary, economist or statistician14.7%
264Ophthalmic optician13.7%
265Dancer or choreographer13.4%
265Driving instructor13.4%
267Further education teaching professional13.3%
268Mechanical engineer13.1%
269Child and early years officer13.1%
269Housing officer13.1%
269Welfare and housing associate professional (other)13.1%
269Youth and community worker13.1%
273Town planning officer13.1%
274Electronics engineer12.5%
275Arts officer, producer or director12.0%
276Financial institution manager or director11.4%
277Product or clothing designer11.3%
278Environmental health professional10.5%
279Social and humanities scientist10.4%
280Electrical engineer10.2%
281Primary and nursery education teaching professional8.9%
282Chief executive or senior official8.7%
283Fire service officer (watch manager and below)8.6%
284Programmer and software development professional8.5%
285Journalist, newspaper or periodical editor8.4%
286Residential, day and domiciliary care managers8.3%
287Catering or bar manager8.3%
287Restaurant and catering establishment manager or owner8.3%
289Biological scientist or biochemist8.0%
289Natural and social science professional (other)8.0%
293Fitness instructor7.5%
294Air traffic controller7.2%
295Construction and building worker7.1%
295Construction project manager or related professional7.1%
295Production manager or director in construction7.1%
298Business and financial project management professional7.0%
298Management consultant and business analyst7.0%
298Quality assurance and regulatory professional7.0%
301Company secretary6.9%
301Financial manager or director6.9%
303Chemical scientist6.2%
304Health associate professional (other)5.5%
305Ambulance staff (excluding paramedics)4.9%
307Graphic designer4.9%
308Manager in agriculture and horticulture4.7%
308Manager in forestry, fishing or related services4.7%
312Probation officer4.3%
312Social worker4.3%
312Welfare professional (other)4.3%
318Conference and exhibition manager or organiser3.7%
319IT and telecoms director3.5%
320Barrister or judge3.5%
320Legal professional (other)3.5%
323Design and development engineer3.4%
323Engineering professional (other)3.4%
323Quality control and planning engineer3.4%
323Quantity surveyor3.4%
327Higher education teaching professional3.2%
328Production manager or director in manufacturing3.0%
329Production and process engineer2.9%
330Advertising and public relations director2.7%
331Telecommunications engineers2.5%
332Conservation professional2.4%
332Environment professional2.4%
334Dental practitioner2.1%
336Medical practitioner2.0%
337Civil engineer1.9%
338Chartered architectural technologist1.8%
340Research and development manager1.7%
341Clergy member1.6%
342Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisor1.6%
343Customer service manager and supervisor1.4%
343Office manager1.4%
343Office supervisor1.4%
346Vocational and industrial instructor1.4%
347Marketing and sales director1.4%
348Special needs education teaching professional1.2%
349Health professional (other)1.2%
349Occupational therapist1.2%
353IT business analyst, architect and system designer1.1%
356Teaching and educational professional (other)0.8%
357Secondary education teaching professional0.8%
358Senior professional at educational establishment0.7%
359Health services and public health manager or director0.7%
360Therapy professional (other)0.7%
362Social services manager or director0.7%
363Speech and language therapist0.5%
364Education adviser and school inspector0.4%
365Hotel and accommodation manager or owner0.4%
365Publican or manager of licensed premises0.4%